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All commercial lagers sit somewhere on a spectrum.
On said spectrum, Becks might act as the zero point, with it’s more-or-less neutral flavour. We can take it or leave it; it doesn’t actually taste unpleasant; it’s better than nothing. Maybe that’s where Peroni lives, too.
Above that point, there are many good, very good or even excellent commercial lagers. Estrella Damm, for example, might not be remotely like a craft beer but it’s good. We enjoy drinking it, and even find it a little moreish. It has a certain something.
But, head the other way, beyond the Becks neutral zone, there is the murky world of the nasty lager.
Nasty lagers aren’t just bland or boring: they actually offend the tastebuds. We’d rather drink water than San Miguel, even on a hot day in Spain. What is that flavour? Onions burned in butter? Stella Artois is in the same boat, with a taste that suggests someone has bunged a bit of lighter fluid in to pep it up.
What are your candidates for the nasty end of the spectrum?