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I'm often told that they don't exist. But they do, they most certainly do.

Like these ones:

"Fascinating and important commercial record of the breweries of James Alexander in upstate New York, covering a period of thirty years. The ledgers include both accounts payable and receivable, payments to employees, itemized listings of supplies purchased, and of course the beer, ale and porter sold. Also included are records of various batches of beer brewed, with the quantities of hops, yeast and malt used, the gravity, etc. One of the ledger books from the Geneva period gives Alexander’s accounting to the government, being records “of Materials used and Fermented Liquors made and sold or removed for consumption or sale at the Brewery carried on by James Alexander in the Village of Geneva County of Ontario in the State of New York.”"
They're on sale at PBA Galleries. A snip at just $2,000 - $3,000. I'd be tempted to piut in a bid myself. But I want to die with a full set of bollocks.