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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 24 July 2011)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 24 July 2011)

    Thuck Phat: Oakham Bishops Farewell
    rpadam: Ramsgate Festiv'Ale
    Alesonly: Moorhouse's Blond Witch
    Millay: White Horse Giant's Stairs
    trainman: Ascot Ales Alligator
    gillhalfpint: Coastal Sea King
    Wittenden: Whitstable Faversham Creek
    aleandhearty: Magic Rock Rapture
    ROBCamra: Abbeydale (Beer Works) Hair Extinguisher
    Bucking Fastard: Wolf Coyote
    PaulOfHorsham: Dark Star Saison
    RogerB: Itchen Valley Hambledon Ale
    Al 10000: Castle Rock Sheriffs Tipple
    Quinno: Harviestoun Born To Be Mild
    Pubsignman: Hertog Jan Grand Prestige
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    An early reply this week due to a quiet week and lack of ale opportunites pre Sunday. Only one to choose from but an excellent one, BOTW is Oakham Bishops Farewell.

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    Out in Leeds last night with friends who had their end of term heads on. A gentle stroll between Veritas, The Victoria and Mr.Foley's saw us try some excellent beers:

    Magic Rock - Rapture.
    Thornbridge -Evenlode.
    Thornbridge - Alchemy XIII.
    Burley Street Brewhouse - IPA.
    Dark Star - Espresso.
    Burley Street Brewhouse - Stout.
    Camden Town - Innercity Green.
    Vale - Black Beauty.
    Thornbridge - Jaipur.
    Rudgate - Ruby Mild.
    Hopdaemon - Incubus.
    Nethergate - Umbel Magna.
    Hawkshead - Cumbrian Five Hop.
    Dr Morton's - Hair Extinguisher.
    Roosters - Wild Mule.
    York - Citra.
    Hardknott - Cool Fusion.
    WharfeBank - Old Stumper.

    The current leaders are probably Rapture and the Innercity Green - a lovely beer for its strength.
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    BOTW is Festiv'Ale from the Ramsgate Brewery, sampled at the Craft Beer Co. after work yesterday. Similar in style to the better-known Dark Star Hophead tasted a short while later at Seven Stars - both fine summer pints, but overall the Gadds gets the vote.

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    Another very lean week again this week due too working only a four pints again as only one day off. At this rate I will be TT.
    (Moorhouses Blond Witch - Moorhouse Brewery). As beer of the week as its the only one I had.
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    Haven't joined in on this for a while but this week it's going to be White Horse Giant's Stairs, a good hoppy refreshing beer.
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    First visit for ages to the Traf yesterday, I'll nominate Ascot Ales Alligator just ahead of One Hop from the same brewery.

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    This week's beers.

    Sharps Doom Bar
    Slaters A'zatec Gold
    Fuzzy Duck Pheasant Plucker
    Driftwood Spa Red Mission
    Driftwood Spa DEK Hop
    Coastal Sea King
    Coastal Summer Sun

    BOTW Coastal Sea King.

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    A tight run thing between Larkin's Traditional,an excellant brown traditional bitter, and Whitstable's Faversham Creek, which despite the off putting name, is a pale nettley summery beer, with an undertow of plums.
    My BOTW-Whitstable Brewery-Faversham Creek 3.8ABV
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    After the excesses of a week's boating,this was a quieter period.My BOTW was Coyote from the Wolf Brewery a complex golden ale supped in The Crooked Billet ,Ware on a mini pub crawl around town with Gann,until the wife disturbed my drinking with the trouble with the dog walking ploy.Dont ask

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