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Thread: Bourne Pub Crawl 16 July 2011

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    Default Bourne Pub Crawl 16 July 2011

    I thought i would let you know about this town has before i went there there were no reviews or photos of any pubs in Bourne,just a list of 9 pubs.

    We started out in the Burghley Arms which is in the middle of town and not a very good start no real ales here once we came out of here we could see

    three other pubs so we crossed over to the Nags Head this was a single roomed pub with two real ales on Pedigree and Bombadier after that is just up the

    street to the Golden Lion a small unaltered pub and a Samuel Smiths tied house there was one real ale on here Old Brewery bitter very cheap and also very drinkable.
    The Next pub was opposite the Burghley Arms this was the Angel Hotel and it was more like an hotel bar no real ales here we then did a very short walk

    up north street and found three pubs very close to each other the first was the worst of the three this was called the Jubilee a modern conversion with

    a single room and the handpumps removed then it was across the road to Smiths of Bourne and this was the best pub in Bourne six real ales and a very

    nice pub to boot i had Ufford Ales White Hart very drinkable,the next pub was across the road this was called Firkin Ale a down to earth type of pub

    but four real ales on the bar i had a drink of Castle Rock Harvest Pale and this had travelled well,we then walked back down the street to the Masons

    Arms a very nice pub but only one real ale on here this was Deuchars IPA and this was a decent drink across the road from here was the Red Lion i

    did'nt like the look of this pub but there was one real ale on this was Woodfords Wherry and this was a decent drink.

    We intended to do all the pubs in Bourne but failed as we missed the Anchor which is a bit of a walk from town.

    Of the 9 pubs on Pubs Galore 7 were still open 1 was closed and 1 had been converted to other use,i also found 3 pubs that wer'nt listed on the site.

    This is a sleepy market town that is on the edge of the fens and if you dont like walking the 8 pubs in the town were all very close to each other.

    The next town coming up is Sleaford then probably Oakham i will try and do all pubs in these towns and let you all know how good or bad these are

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    Nice one, Alan. Seems like you had a good day out. Pity you didn't get to the Anchor as it looks quite nice on streetview.

    Come On You Hatters!

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