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Thread: Springers in Rochdale now called Esthers

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    Default Springers in Rochdale now called Esthers

    2 Acker Street
    OL16 1HZ

    In fact the photograph is of the pub since it became Esthers.
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    Hi Rob,

    We have corrected the name of Esthers I think Dave was probably trying not to see that neon sign when he approved the photos .

    Thanks for letting us know about that (I have deleted the double post, we don't allow tricks like that to get away from the Spritzer Swallower accusation ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conrad View Post
    I think Dave was probably trying not to see that neon sign when he approved the photos .
    Too right I was trying not to see the neon sign! I know I miss quite a few of these glaring ones but I spent a while trying to work this one out when the photos were submitted.

    If you look closely at the picture that doesn't have the sign switched on you'll see that at that point it was called The Carousel Bar. The photo of Carousel appears to be newer.

    I did some searching around and concluded that I had no idea of whether it was Springers, Esthers or Carousel. A Google search of Esthers Rochdale was both unhelpful and disturbing but did at least give me the suggestion that they once had a website at - which is now dead. A birds eye view on Bing Maps shows the green canopy that was on the Carousel photo appears to still be there.

    In the end I choose to leave it as it was in the hope someone who actually knew would be able to tell us - thanks Rob!

    Have to say I was leaning towards changing it to Carousel Bar, wouldn't have gone with Esthers.

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