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As we all know, Huddersfield is rapidly becoming the brewery capital of the North. Magic Rock seem to have hit the ground running and their beer can be found in pubs the length and breadth of the country, and this week they have their own dedicated pump at The Grove so their beer should always be available at one local pub at least.

The 'Sportsman' brewery should be ready for brewing in the very near future. Despite what has been written elsewhere, I can confirm, after speaking to Sam at the pub, that their first two beers were brewed at Golcar, as has the third, which is due for release this week. Hopefully the next beer should come from their own plant, which is currently undergoing testing.

I have heard that another rumour may be coming nearer to reality when brewing returns to the Rat & Ratchet. Plans are in hand to fit a brewery downstairs in the pub, and Rob, the manager, has already made plans about what beer will be brewed there. Initially the test brews will be made elsewhere, to allow the recipes to tweaked before brewing starts in earnest later in the year, so look out for at least 4 regular beers and specials.

To diversify a bit, if you trip over the hill into Uppermill, the Saddleworth brewery is still brewing beer for the associated Church Inn, but not only that, I have heard it is on sale in the pub at £1.70 a pint. Sounds well worth the trip.