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Thread: Why is'nt Pubs Galore top of the Google listings

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    Default Why is'nt Pubs Galore top of the Google listings

    I have recently had a quick look at two rival pub sites,i had a look at a few towns and cities and found lots of pubs that dont exsist,a lot of pubs without photos and a lot of pubs without decent reviews.

    I also took a look at a forum on one of these sites somebody had asked a pretty normal question 6 months ago but there had been no replys.

    I looked at the general layout of each site and they did'nt appeal to me.

    Pubs Galore site looks really good and it is easy to use

    Most large towns and cities have lots of pictures and reviews

    I askesd a question on the Forum yesterday,i looked today i had had four replys and links plus post codes to help me out

    So this must be the best pub forum.

    So i now come back to my original question Why is'nt Pubs Galore top of the Google listings

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    I guess it depends what search terms you enter

    for instance "pub reviews uk" has PuG at 3, which is not bad IMO

    And some pubs do have links to the toothy site, which will increase the Google rating [I think, more related links, higher the rating]

    "St Austell pubs" search has a couple of toothy or Pug on front page, but down the listing

    I think it is all down the magic of SEO, Google etc and even Tesco struggle

    If there was a silver bullet then the gun would have to have a lot of barrels

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    I think having key search terms in the url helps a lot, as I discovered with my Aber pubs site. PuG uses a unique id number for each pub whereas the Other Site uses the original pub name within the url.

    However, a unique number makes the site admin a lot more flexible and is better practice - like when a pub changes name

    Plus, the Other site has a longer historical legacy - it was the 'first' major pub site outside of London area and gets a lot of hits simply because clambered to the top of the search engines years ago and people tend to click on the first link or two that comes up. If you want an address or a gmap reference like a lot of people, then I guess they don't need to search further down the list to PuG...yet!
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    I'm sure we've broached the subject before and Conrad has explained about how the Google profile of the site can be raised by getting links to PG from other sites etc. It is perhaps an opportune moment to announce that the number of Facebook 'Likes' of the Pubs Galore Facebook page is now exactly 3500 !
    Waes hael!

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    Here is the old thread on the subject.

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