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This Saturday and Sunday sees the 5th Monkeyfest at Armitage Bridge, the system will be the same as previous years, with the beer sold outside the club on handpumps there. Not all the beer will be available at the same time, some will be held back to replace the beer that runs off. The promised beer list is attached, looks like a festival too good to miss !!

Blindmans Back Street Beer
Bradfield Brown Cow
Bradfield Pale Ale
Bradfield Steelers
Brass Monkey Bitter
Brass Monkey Blue Stripe
Brass Monkey Capucin
Brass Monkey Cheeky
Bristol Beer Factory No 7
Coastal Maelstrom
Conway Glogwyn Gold
Dark Star American Pale Ale
Dark Star Partridge Best
Dent Aviator
Dent Golden Fleece
Dent Rambrau
Dent Ramsbottom
Downtown Quadhop
Elgoods Black Dog
Elland 1862 Porter
Elland Mollies Toffee
Elland Savanah
Exe alley Stirling Silver
Fallen Angel Angry Ox Bitter
George Wright Berry Brow Bitter
Great Newsome Gems Stout
Great Newsome Haymakers Tipple
Great Newsome Pricky back Otchan
Green Jack Albion Mild
Hopback Spring Zing
Houston Helgas Big Jugs
Mallinson Boundary
Mallinson Fools to Kings
Mallinson Garrard Regent
Mallinson Never Mind
Moorhouse Black Cat
Moorhouse Pendle Witches
Moorhouse White Mist
OBM Golden Bridge
OBM Gollums Revenge
OBM Kates Blond
OBM Old Cawsey
Phoenix Mid Summer Madness
Phoenix White Monk
Phoenix White Tornado
Phoenix Wobbly Bob
Potton Village Bike
Timothy Taylors Best Bitter
Titanic Stout
Village Brewer Old Raby Ale

Good luck to all involved, just hope the weather holds out .