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Thread: A Pair of Wellingtons and a Shovel

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    FACSOTW* coming soon...

    *Fish And Chips Shop Of The Week

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    Its 1.15am and I have the craving but all the chip shops are shut. Tinned salmon, tuna ,sardines just don't cut it.

    Neither do battered Wellingtons .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Millay View Post
    I picked up a copy of the Jan/Feb Wetherspoon News today and there's a full page feature on The George Hotel Bewdley. It seems they are still running it as a hotel and have 20 rooms. 44 a night, not a bad deal for a little stopover.

    NB - sorry to drift the thread from Fish & Chips
    Just up the hill from George is absolute gem.. The woodcolliers and their website Around 6 real ales on sale and Russian/English food served. Oh look out for their resident Dog, Oliver. He is so adorable and will whimper non stop untill you give him some of your leftover! Check out photo of Oliver from its official website.
    J.D Wetherspoon = Home of Hoppy: The Silk Kite, Tamworth..

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