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Thread: The Jolly Sailor / The Wharfside, Thornes Lane Wharf, Wakefield.

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    Default The Jolly Sailor / The Wharfside, Thornes Lane Wharf, Wakefield.

    Good news for a change. The old Jolly Sailor(currently marked as closed) has miraculously been redeveloped and refurbished. Its new name is The Wharfside. As the exterior looks rather different, I don't know whether the old listing/photo is appropriate. Perhaps you could tell me what the form usually is, in such cases?

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    Hi A&H,

    For the moment we leave the listing there and just correct it with the old photos, clearly not ideal and is an area we need to improve, but we think less confusing than having multiple listings.

    We have marked the Wharfside as open, and corrected the name.

    Thanks for that.

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