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Thread: Some changes in South Yorkshire

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    Default Some changes in South Yorkshire

    The address of The Ball in Thorpe Hesley has been corrupted somewhere along the line. Please delete the words "Hesley Hall Cottage".

    I have added a photo of a closed pub, also in Thorpe Hesley, which I think must be The Blacksmiths Arms. Looking at the Royal Mail's postcode website, odd numbers 73 and higher are in S61 2QF, while odd numbers up to 67 are in S61 2QE. The building that is now four flats (for sale) is clearly 69-71 and it certainly looks like a former pub. If this is the Blacksmiths, then the postcode is probably wrong - it should be S61 2QE, assuming the dividing line is the side road called New Street. I have moved the map point for this pub to coincide with the building I have photographed. I could be wrong about all this, of course, as there are a number of new housing developments around here and the site of the Blacksmiths could be under any one of them. If anyone knows for sure, please correct me.

    Come On You Hatters!

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    Hi sheffield hatter,

    We have corrected the address of The Ball Inn.

    With the other one I will leave it alone, bear in mind if you are really bothered that not many read this forum and it might be best placed in the requests forum. As far as I am concerned though it really isn't an issue as it is a closed pub.

    Thanks for those.

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