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It is just over 3 years since Mallinsons brewery managed to get their first beer out of their brewhouse in Huddersfield and on to the bar, this week they will be brewing their 300th gyle. A massive achievement and a testament to the hard work that Elaine and Tara have invested in their ambition.

As us intrepid Mallinson's hunters know, it has been just as hard to keep up to get all the beers the brewery has produced, checking their website they have just released their 216th different beer, and that does not include those specials they have made for festivals, and the like.

Not only are their beers usually excellent, and fly out of pubs at a rapid rate, they usually create interesting talking points with the selection of themes that they have used to name the beers. Early on we were treated to 'Wonders of the World' (fairly obvious), 'Not So Classic Cars' (a step back into our youth), and 'Longest Rivers'. We have seen pump clips of viaducts, Yorkshire Follies, Buses, and are now in the throes of the world of sidecars, and obscure song lyrics. Who said beer drinking was not an education ?

They are not afraid to try something different either, although they readily admit they are not expert at brewing anything that falls between light and dark. Their darker beers include Stouts with oatmeal, and chocolate;and milds with vanilla. Their bitters include beers brewed with about every Amercian and New Zealand hop imaginable, (but thankfully for me, not Green Bullet !) and have just produced their first 'hopsack' beer 'Omnom'.

Lets hope they continue to go from strength to strength and we can soon raise a glass to their 400 th gyle. A true local success story from two of the most unassuming people you could wish to meet. Well done !!