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Thread: Very minor corrections in Herefordshire

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    Default Very minor corrections in Herefordshire

    The Riverside, at Aymestry, has "Off A4110" added to the address. I'm sure this was meant to be helpful, but to me the word "off" in this context implies that the pub is down a minor road or at least a drive. The photo posted by Oggwyn Great shows quite clearly that the pub in fact sits as close to the A4110 as you can get without actually being in the road. Can I suggest deleting the word "off"?

    Equally picky, I'm afraid, but Ye Old Oak Inn in Wigmore has one of those olde-fashioned spellings, so should really be Ye Olde Oak Inn. Sorry. (Not sure which emoticon to use for all this - is there one for "cowering in expectation of fusilade of rotten tomatoes"?)
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    I never noticed the address , must pay more attention
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    Hi sheffield hatter,

    We have corrected the address of Riverside Inn (as an aside if an address has 'off' in the name I don't assume it is down a side street, I just assume it isn't blocking traffic, could well just be me though) and corrected the name of Ye Olde Oak Inn.

    Thanks for those.

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