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Nothing beer connected. Just something me and Andrew tripped over when doing research for his new book.

Another demonstration of how different the past was:

Ask Dad For a Winchester this Christmas

How would you like to wake up Christmas morning and find a brand new .22 Winchester waiting for you? Wouldn't a real Winchester make this just about the finest Christmas you ever had?

What heaps of good, healthy fun you could have with it!

If you really want a Winchester for Christmas, better start thinking about it now because there are probably a number of different people who are already beginning to wonder what to get you for Christmas. Let Dad and all the rest of your folks know that there's nothing you want for Christmas so much as a Winchester.

A gift that will stay with you
Your Winchester will be a fresh joy to you every day of the year. There's no companion like a rifle for a boy. It teaches him the lessons of self-reliance and self-control that he must learn before he becomes a man. The chances are your Dad had a Winchester when he was your age. Tell him it's your turn now.

Talk it over with Dad and the others and Christmas morning it will be strange if you don't find a Winchester all your own waiting for you.

Be sure it's a Winchester you ask for. Everyone knows the traditions behind the name "Winchester" and you want the gun you can be proudest of.

What the name "Winchester" means
The name Winchester" stands for the best in gun making. For over half a century, Winchester has been the standard of pioneers and sportsmen. Winchester rifles built the West. As the need grew, Winchester originated a model and a calibre for every purpose.

The Winchester Company today is an organization of expert gun makers with fifty years of gunmaking reputation behind it.

Every gun or rifle that bears the name "Winchester" is fired many times for smooth action and accuracy, and is fired with excess loads for strength.

No Winchester barrel varies one one-thousandth of an inch in thickness or diameter. The Bennett Process, used exclusively by Winchester, gives the Winchester barrel a distinctive blue finish that, with proper care, will last a lifetime.

The same care that is taken with (Winchester guns is taken with Winchester ammunition. The two are made for each other.

Select your rifle in advance
Go to your nearest hardware or sporting goods dealer, and ask him to help you select a .22 Winchester. He will be glad to show his stock to you, even if you are not ready to buy. Learn the price of the gun you want, and be sure you let all the folks at home know how little it costs.
"Boys' Life, The Boy Scouts' Magazine, Dec 1917", page 57.
Selling guns to children through a Scouting magazine. Do you think they still do that?