We were visiting some family in Slough yesterday,and wanting to get out of the house it was suggested the men go and have a drink so the girlies can have time to catch up,we visited one pub local to them all,it was a disaster 26:70 for a round of drinks,the fosters was as flat as a pancake,the landlord was swirling it round in the glass as he was pouring it,the toilets were disgusting and foul smelling of p*** fungai growing on windows like a typical public toilet in a shopping precent.
The pub had 2 people in there yet they still decided to have sky sports blaring out and on top of that the jukebox playing music so loud you could not hold a conversation,in the end i asked the landlord to turn the music off which he did.

This made me think why do people put up with this? one person told me that the music was so loud xmas eve it drove people away,and he also had the sky tv blaring away? is this aceptable in todays society,why would you bother going out to such an uncomfortable surroundings,would any of you really be bothered or have i missed something here? oh by the way xmas eve at 23:30 there was a total of 3 men including the landlord in that pub....maybe my disgust has been noted by the locals at last.