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This weekend sees Dewsbury Town Hall host their Camra beer festival, and thanks to the 'bloke from Hull' we have managed to get a sneak preview of their festival list, and it does not look a bad effort at all.

Beer has been sourced from all over the country, with a special emphasis on beer from Scotland which has its own dedicated bar. Most of the larger Scottish breweries are showcased, often with their regular brews available at the festival, but some rarer one appear as well such as Highland and Kelburn, and Fyne 'Avalanche' makes an appearance, (its worth the trip just for that !).

On the regular list, there is a good balance between local beers and plenty from further afield, such as Worcester and East Anglia. Again plenty of old favourites but there are new beers as well to keep us tickers happy and we are promised the first outing for the 'Sportsman' brewery from Huddersfield, so that should be worth looking out for.

The festival runs from Thursday evening at 6pm, through all day Friday and Saturday. Full details can be found on their website, along with an incomplete beer list, (at the moment). Looks to be a good way to spend an hour or two over the weekend though.