Visit the a swift one site

If you look on the site on for the previous post, then scroll down a little further and you will see an amazing article about a beer machine, not a machine to make beer, but rather one that speeds up the service of beer.

The weird and wonderful system can fill 4 glasses at once, and it has been timed that 44 glasses can be served in a minute. Its unique system fills the beer from the bottom of a special glass rather than the top. These special glasses are locked on the dispenser and the beer fills them, when they are full, the magnetic bottom automatically slots into place, bonds the glass and the beer is ready to be served. No spillage, no waste.

Sounds an ideal antidote for standing around queuing for your beer in crowded clubs or at busy footie matches but not an idea I can see taking off in our local real ale pubs. But it may be the way forward, who knows ? Take a look and see for yourself.