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After my disappointment on Friday in Halifax, I hoped something for something better on Saturday. I was not let down.

Yesterday at The Star there were excellent beers on every pump, it wasn't a case of trying to find a beer I liked, but rather which of the collection impressed me most to sample a second pint. Light hoppy beers dominated the bar, but there was 'Black Beauty Stout' from Two Roses if you fancied something dark. It was excellent, to say this was only the 2nd beer from the brewery then they seen to have quickly hit on a winning formula; dark, rich and full of flavour, certainly one to look out for in the future. The same brewery also had 'Royale Wedding' on the bar, 4.0% and again nicely balanced, presumably a one off special, but it showed how versatile the brewery are. I look forward to their next beers with interest.

Another beer from South Yorkshire was Glentworth's 'Citrus Tree'. A light beer, (has anyone ever see a dark Glentworth ?) at 3.9% and just the thing for a summer's afternoon. Refreshing, with a hint of sherbet lemon in it, another beer I could have gladly drunk lots of. The rest of the bar was also Yorkshire sourced. Great Heck 'YPA' was there, one of Denzil's best beers, but this was eclipsed by Mallinson's 'NZ3'. Three New Zealand hops gave this a massive hop kick, plenty of interesting background flavours, and was very moreish, so moreish it had run off before I got to a second in fact. To finish off a wonderful showcase of local beers Five Towns 5.7%,St Georges Ale was also available. Again light and seriously hoppy, I believe with a New Zealand hop, it was a wonderful way to finish a session.

All in all, a great showcase for the good beers that Yorkshire has on offer at present, and that not only does the county have a massive number of breweries, the beer they brew can stand comparison with anywhere else in the country. I just hope the coach trip from Leicester Camra that turned up during the afternoon were as impressed as I was with the range on offer.