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So we've had it good weather-wise & this has focused our attentions on the impending summer months. Last summer was devoted to 'Project 6' our series of 6.6% IPA's which were very successful, following that was the ever popular 'Nerotype' black IPA series, the current one being #3 hopped exclusively with Bravo & hitting the pubs & bars round about now, this will be concluded next month with the final in the series #4 hopped exclusively with 'Herkules'.

So you've probably guessed we like to explore styles thoroughly before moving onto the next project so this leads us nicely into our SUMMER of SAISON, we are going to brew 4 gyles of saison at 6.0% abv. each with differing dominant flavours, Nettle & Ginger, Lime & Coriander, Lemongrass & Fennel & Orange & Rosemary. As for the hops we are to use, we have lined up some noble goodies in the form of 'Perle', 'Sterling', 'Saaz', 'Bobek' & 'Tettnang' other varieties used will include 'East Kent Goldings' & 'Liberty'. The selection of hops are designed to compliment & work with the range of ingredients were using.

It is the plan to have these beers ready almost simultaneously. Available in Keg & Bottle format only as we feel saison as a style is best suited to an elevated level of carbonation to bring out that zesty, spicy, estery freshness of this rustic farmhouse style. Hopefully the good weather will continue throughout the coming months & you'll get to try these limited saisons which we hope will really capture the essence of the summer.

There will be other goodies flowing from the brewery through the summer, with the popular 'Rouge-Hop' sticking around for a while, the very limited imperial stout 'Cossack' & new specials such as 'Polestar' & '7 C's' our 7% seven 'C' hopped IPA making appearances in due course.

All in all it's shaping up to being a great summer!