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No sooner had I written my piece on bar snacks than the good old Morning Advertiser - sorry - The Publican's Morning Advertiser, jumped in with a story on the same theme. Of course they have to go a bit too far with some rather exotic suggestions and please note publicans - not all bar snacks to to be fried - but nonetheless it is good that the trade paper is latching on to this obvious gap in the market.

All is not sweetness and light though. While it is good that the message is being picked up and while exotic tapas and the like are fine and dandy, don't forget, keeping it simple will work too."We don't necessarily want a full meal" though is a great message which should be heeded. Sadly there is no mention of pork pies, filled rolls, sandwiches or scotch eggs, which kind of makes me think that the wish to over complicate and subsequently over price and then extrapolate that to "no demand" is alive and well.

Let's keep asking in the pubs for what we really want.