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Thread: Greene King splash £53m on Real Pubs

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    Default Greene King splash £53m on Real Pubs

    Surprisingly, perhaps, apart from the dry-as-sawdust City AM newspaper, only the Daily Mirror seems to have picked up on this story:

    Real Pubs:

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    Don't like the way the article is worded that it will boost the company with the tourists in for the Olympics. What happens afterwards?
    Alcohol doesn't solve problems .... but then again, neither does milk.

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    Hmm - I haven't been in any of them but the Mitre they feature on the front of their website looks nothing like my idea of a real pub.

    Despite that GK, despite their beer, aren't as likely as some to bugger their pubs up, at least unless they let their notorious Hungry Horse division get their hands on them.

    Didn't the Bald Faced Stag achieve some fame as a regular pub of the day on Another Pub Review Website?

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    The Bald Faced Stag in Finchley & The Vine in Highgate are the only Two Ive been into and In my opinion there both been ruined. All the original fittings have been removed and now there like open plan Restaurants furnished by Ikea.
    Don't You just hate Pubs that say
    ( We don't stock any Real Ales as theres Just no call for it.)

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