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Somehow the 'Bloke from Hull' has got hold of the information that has managed to elude me. I find this a little surprising as I am a member of Huddersfield Camra and on their mailing list but for some reason never got the details sent to me, so have had to make do with speculation and rumour about the winners of various awards until now.

However, this is the comprehensive list of local awards made by our local branch for 2011.

Pub Of The Year 2011 - Rat & Ratchet and Sportsman jointly
Cider Pub Of The Year - Rat & Ratchet
The Rat will be going forward to the Yorkshire Regional Pub of the Year award due to winning 2 awards
Club Of The Year - Marsh Liberal Club
Spring Pub Of The Season 2011 - The Star

Some well deserved accolades there, and congratulations to all the winners.