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This Good Friday saw the start of the 2nd Sportsman Anniversary Festival. Strange to think the pub has only been open 2 years and is now one of the must visit pubs on the Huddersfield beer circuit, just goes to show what an attraction real ale can be.

The usual 8 beers on the inside bar were supplemented by 8 new beers, all from local breweries, and served on the outside bar. There were beers to suit all tastes, from the light and hoppy, to the dark and malty. The inside bar gave us the chance to sample beer from the 'Outstanding' brewery in Lancashire, one at 3.9%, another at 7.4%, but colourwise it was hard the tell them apart. There was also the 2nd in Summer Wine's 'Nerotype' series on the bar;a black IPA with columbus hops, bitter but with resinous undertones. Outside we were treated to specials from Mallinsons, Steel City and Little Ale Cart, all full of hop flavours; an Empire beer made with citra and columbus hops, Golcar 'Buos Annus' which was dark and malty and an Acorn vanilla porter should that be your thing.

Food is available, to soak up the ale, and as usual with Sam, she has managed to get beer or cider into each recipe, and if music is your thing bands playing Friday and Sunday night. It is well worth a call, but if you call for a quick pint don't be surprised to suddenly find you have spent the whole day there, its that sort of festival. Roll on the 3rd Anniversary.