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I've snuck away for 5 minutes to update this. Having moved house (alright, technically I'm still moving house as the home-brew kit and a few other odds and sods are still to go) I'm without internet or even mobile signal at home, meaning the only internet I can get at the moment is at work.

Work's too busy for me to have internet time though.

It feels like all the hard work is starting to pay off - although it's still hard work now. Good staff are hard to come by, and the small crew we've got are bloody good. We need to expand though - with bank holidays, the Festival, summer and off course our Ale & Literature festival it's a busy time ahead of us. But good beer is serving us well already.

I've been lucky enough to keep at least 4 of the ales on over winter, raising to 6 at weekends. I'm currently on 6 ales all of the time, with the guest ales often changing within the second day, if not the same day they go on. Supplemented by about 100 bottles of European or World beers each week, beer certainly seems to be taking the edge on wine.

We'll be looking to further that cause in the near future, with monthly beer events - currently we've got those busy boys at Otley Brewery coming up on Wednesday 1st of June to match some of their beers to a buffet being put on by our new French Chef (more on him and his food later). Then towards the end of June or start of July, we'll have Adrian Tierney-Jones going head to head with one of the nicest wine blokes I've ever met. Details on that will be out next week after the bank holiday, but it's a cracker of a 5 course meal complimented by 2 very chatty blokes who know their drinks.

Onto July and I've only got the outline of what we're doing and how, because we're looking at doing something American and Supersized with Melissa Cole in the garden marquee. Then August sees our supersize Welsh Ale & Literature weekend, from Thursday 25th - 29th, the Bank Holiday. Already confirmed is Mark Dredge, talking us through his explorations of the world with beer in hand.

We'll also be seeing more of the terrible twosome of Adrian Tierney Jones and Tim Hampson, and hopefully Pete Brown will have picked out a shirt for the weekend shortly, amongst others.

And something for me, that I've always wanted to be part of, in September, the month of my birth. A murder mystery weekend at the Inn, but this is currently in the 'I've just thought of it' part of the planning stage.

If anyone has any ideas for what they'd like to see us put on at Kilverts, let me know. We're talking with a theater group to put on some Shakespeare in the garden, we've got Jazz-on-the-lawn, a live Jazz band on the garden to compliment your Sunday roast, and of course the constant Hay on Wye beer festival known locally as Kilverts' Bar.