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Many and varied are the types of establishment one can get a drink. From a trendy bar or restaurant to a grim dumpy pub, the choice is as they say all yours. Whilst the sensible choose a nice drink at home at reasonable cost, many like to throw hard earned money away drinking in grim pubs, and who are we, cooking lager enthusiasts, to criticise? If that’s what some people like to do, good luck to them. If the picture is too small, click on it for a bigger one.

In the spirit of beer brotherhood I present a pub called “The Albion” in Chester. I was in Chester recently and had a walk along the Roman wall to kill an hour before a meeting and encountered a sign for a family “hostile” pub that to be honest amused me more than it attracted me in. Good god, I’d rather have a tooth pulled than step foot in such a place, but heh ho, if it’s your cup of tea look it up.

I suspect the hostile and unwelcoming establishment has won awards from bearded types, and I suspect further they stock a wide range of pongy ale and could very well be full of old men in white beards fighting the good fight against chemical fizz and informing me “old scrote” is drinking well today. I hold no hope of a lovely fizzy ice cold pint of lout on a summer’s afternoon.

Enjoy, but please don’t expect us “normals” to ever get the appeal.

For the record I also saw a Slug and Lettuce offering buy one get one free on cocktails. Slippery nipple cheap grog fans?