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Browsing back through my blog, I noticed a regular feature I'd neglected. Pictures of my bookcases.

My passion for displaying my book collection isn't difficult to explain. So I won't bother trying. Submit to it? Yeah, that's more like it:

I'm so proud. Books I can get at without breaking any fingers.*

"What about turning it into a competition, dad?"

"Great idea, Andrew."

[In reality, Andrew said "Leave me alone." and switched on Myth Busters.]

He couldn't be arsed to think of a question (a programme he's seen before is more important than a bit of quality creative interaction with his dad). So I've come up with one. I'll tell you what it is in a minute.

The prize. You'll want to know what the prize is. Something unique. A special hardback edition of one of my books. Possibly with extra stuff in it, depending on my mood and workload. Limited editions are all the rage. Can't get much more limited than unique.

The question. Which book did I most recently buy?

* I think I might have cracked a bone tidying the books.