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Thread: Minor corrections in the Peak District

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    Default Minor corrections in the Peak District

    OK, more like a couple of quibbles, really.

    First, the correct name for The Derwent Water Arms is The Derwentwater Arms. I don't understand this, as Derwentwater is the name of a lake in the Lake District, but this pub is in Derbyshire's Derwent valley - water is somethimes used as an alternative for river, mostly in Scotland, but to run it all into one word seems wrong to me. However, that's what it says on the side of the pub, so...

    Next, there is some question about whether the village of Ashford in the Water is spelt with or without hyphens and capitalisation of any of the words other than Ashford. Royal Mail has hyphens and no capitals, Ordnance Survey has no hyphens but a capital W. Google and Bing have examples of various different combinations. However, the website of the Ashford Arms agrees with the OS, and I think it would be sensible to go along with them.

    Come On You Hatters!

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    Hi sheffield hatter,

    We have corrected the name of Derwentwater Arms and fiddled with the name of Ashford in the Water.

    Thanks for those.

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