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Thread: Quarnford near Buxton

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    Default Quarnford near Buxton

    There are two pubs listed at Quarnford, near Buxton. This is in fact a non-existent village, which has been puzzling me for some time. Although the name appears on Google maps and is part of the offical address for the postcodes SK17 0SW (The New Inn, Flash village) and SK17 0SN (The Travellers Rest, Flash Bar), it is in fact merely a county parish (as shown on the Ordnance Survey's large scale map), a politico-religious construct, and as such you will not see any signs for it at the roadside.

    For these reasons, I suggest that we should amend the name of the area containing these two pubs from "Quarnford" to "Flash" and while we're at it, change the address of the Travellers Rest from "A53, Flash" to "Flash Bar, A53", as it is well outside the village. (Flash Bar is the site of an old toll bar on the main road between Buxton and Leek.)

    These changes will help anyone who is interested to actually find the pubs on the ground (rather than send letters to them, as Royal Mail would prefer).

    Come On You Hatters!

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    Hi sheffield hatter,

    We have made those changes as suggested.

    Thanks for that.

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