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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 10 April 2011)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pubsignman View Post
    Not much of a contest this week. I liked the Saltaire Liquorice Stout in the 'Spoons fest but this was trumped by a beer from a brewery who have been getting a few mentions on these threads - Old Dairy Copper Top.
    A fine choice - if you see the Gold Top anywhere, go for it big time!

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    A virtual drought on the beer front,did manage a 'spoons visit in Harlow and so my only BOTW was Acorn 1887 (God Created Tangerine) which was up to the usual Acorn high standard .Boating this week may provide more ale opportunity but only once Milton Keynes is safely navigated.
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    My beer of the week is Beech brewed by the Barrowden Brewery Co this is a 3.8% bitter and it was very tasty,there was also three more beers from this brewery on the bar and one was only 2.6%, the landlord brews the beer in a barn at the back of the pub and only supplies his own pub.

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    After a slow start the week ended very well. Tried this week:

    Vale - Black Beauty Porter.
    Moorhouse's - Pendle witches Brew.
    Lymestone - Gaulstone.
    Welton's - Chocolate Mild.
    Rhymney - Kings Ale.
    Green Jack - Orange Wheat Beer.
    Roosters - Wild Mule.
    Elland - Old Skool.
    Fernandes - Merrie City Mild.
    Oldershaw - Roaring Forties.
    Stringers- No.2 Stout.
    Brown Cow - Bitter.
    Great Newsome - English Pride.
    Frenandes - Centennial.
    Titanic - Plum Porter.

    For the second week running it was very nearly a 'spoons festival beer in the Green Jack, but I really enjoyed the Titanic Plum Porter. I don't normally go a bundle on fruit tinged beers, but it really perked up a jaded palate at the end of a session. BOTW: Titanic Plum Porter.
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    None of the JDW fest beers really made me go WoW this week, although Hydes Plum Treat was pretty good.

    Friday brought a really good pint of Summer Wine Resistance Dark Mild in Common in the Manchester N/4.

    Winner though is going to be Fyne Hurricane Jack, tried at the Baum.

    Which means that for once I have to agree with Tandleman as he had it in the same pub on the same night as me.
    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alesonly View Post
    .....but the best one I had was the Ballast Point Calico Amber
    That's the one I was trying to recall, the name, not the beer, for last week. Yey verily, drink up indeed..........
    Pubs are a hobby, real ale is a passion. Oh, and like me dogs, fear no evil..........

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    With SFBW'11 kicking off tomorrow.

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