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A newish brewery that seems to be getting into West Yorkshire more in recent times is Buxton Brewery of Derbyshire, and they are brewing some pretty decent beers as well.

The brewery started in mid 2009 but moved last year to their current premises using a 5bbl plant. Their head brewer is James Kemp, who had previous experience at Thornbridge, so he obviously knows a thing or two about beer, and this shows, if the the beer from the brewery I have sampled recently is anything to go by.

Checking their website they brew a whole range of beers that suit every taste, admittedly some are easier to find than others but the three I have come across in recent weeks in our area have all tended to be on the light and hoppy side. The weakest of the three 'Moor Top', is a 3.6% session beer, full of chinook hops and bursting with flavours, increased by the dry hopping of the beer.I have also encountered their 'Buxton Blonde'. (a continental style ale) Using only European hops, and lager malt and wheat. It is a crisp tasting beer, very easy drinking, and very moreish. The background gives it more of a lager taste than an English style bitter but it is none the worse for that. In my opinion, the real star of their range is 'Axe Edge'.

This is a 6.8% double IPA. Not for the faint hearted, it is just crammed with hop flavours from the selection used. How can a beer with nelson sauvin, citra and amarillo hops not be full of diverse and interesting fruit flavours, there is everything there, from orange to pineapple to lychees. A real classic beer. It has already been awarded 'The Best Strong Beer' at the Bradford Beer festival, and I am sure more awards will be coming its way.

Add to these the promise of a black Ipa and an all English hopped pale ale in the near future then Buxton is certainly a brewery to look out for and sample. If you are quick then the 'Axe Edge' is currently on the bar at the Grove, but if previous experience of the brewery is anything to go by, it will not last long.