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Thread: Pub Snacks

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    Default Pub Snacks

    Back in the day when pubs were open, I always liked something to chomp on with my beer, so I've put together a list of my favourites down through the years:

    Pork Pie: Lion Tavern & The White Hart
    Ham & Salad Cob: The Old Oak Inn & Weavers at Park Lane
    Cheese Cob: The Blue Boar
    Steak Pie: Coach & Horses
    Pizza: Tapped
    Veg Samosas (homemade!): The Old Moseley Arms
    Pork Scratchings: The Burnt Pig
    Meat & Potato pie: from a bakery in Upper Mill and scoffed in here: Albion Tap
    Fish & Chips: from a chippy around the corner from The Badgers Arms
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    My favourite all time snack (more of a meal really) was the pork baps in the Great Western. In the 1990s it was a long soft bread roll packed with freshly cooked and carved pork with stuffing and optional fried onions. It cost about the same as a pint of bitter. The pulled pork baps of today are microwaved and absolute rubbish in comparison.

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    I cant say I have every eaten a snack with beer in a pub.Have a beer then have another one is my motto.

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    No, you definitely need something to soak it up! Too much consumed over the years to remember anything too specific, but a couple of thoughts from the days when a free snack was often provided on a Sunday lunchtime.

    I recollect a canal trip in Yorkshire many moons ago when we stumbled upon a pub giving out all manner of stuff; roast potatoes, black pudding and lord knows what else. Will have to do some digging and see if I can find where it was.

    And several pubs in Penzance used to have cheese on the bar (not uncommon) but uniquely with bowls of raw onion in vinegar. Does this still happen?
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