Visit the a swift one site

A chance conversation at a certain beer festival yesterday led me into the uncharted territory of E Bay. What was I looking for ? Would I find it ? Did I actually believe it ?

I know that people collect all sorts of things, I am a prime example, just look in my spare room for proof, but when someone told me that there was a label from a bottle of Mallinsons 'CC' for sale on the site I had to check it out. And lo and behold, there it is. So should you want a used label from a bottle of beer for the princely sum of 99p it can be yours. (but it costs £1 post and packing as well !!)

If you do want one, then I suppose I have to question why, but as I said, it takes all sorts. But why not just write to the brewery and ask nicely and get a clean, unused one rather than spend time trying to get the label off the bottle, which I assume is not easy.

I can understand keeping labels as a record of beer that you have drunk, but not to sell on. Sorry have to stop now, have 4 bottles soaking needing my attention. Any opportunity to make a quick bob or two !!!!