Ok, well having released that Smart Phone app we have a weeks worth of users. We released it mostly as a bit of fun as it was quite easy to build, so wasn't expecting much real usage off it, but:
Friday: 20
Saturday: 40
Sunday: 25
Monday: 18
Tuesday: 42
Wednesday: 68
Thursday: 64

Those numbers are new users, we are also seeing repeat users slowly ramping up over the week ending with 10 on Thursday

I have to admit those numbers excede my expectations at this point, and does raise the question of whether a simplified version of the site should exist for mobile users to improve the speed.

Also it looks like the creators of the application layar.com are on to something interesting. They have been polite and helpful whenever I have interacted with them, so I hope they continue on to good things.

Anyway back to sorting out all of the Bristol map points so that they are correct.