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It's been a quiet few days here at SUABP. Few of you share my enthusiasm for war. Based on your comments. Or notable lack of them.

Extreme. Being it is good for pulling in the punters. Rile up and the comments flying in like homing pigeons on crack. (Or should that be acid? Speed maybe.) Like homing pigeons on valium. (Yes, perfect.)

I've been a loud-mouthed smartarse often enough on the web. Was my trademark. Then my attention-deficit problem kicked in. Easily bored. Arguing about the difference between Porter and Stout is fun the first forty or fifty times. Weak IPA? That wore thin after a couple of dozen goes.

Deliberately inflammatory posts. There may have been a couple. What did I harvest? Heartburn and headaches.

1.06903 seconds. That's how long I considered extreme as an option.

I'm giving up anger for Lent.