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Thread: Pubs affected by recent Cumbrian floods

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    Default Pubs affected by recent Cumbrian floods

    I just heard there is reports that many pubs affected in Cumbria may take up to year to reopen. Should it marked as closed or not?

    One such pub may never open again in the future due to spiralling costs..

    It is sad to see pubs being destoryed by mother of nature..

    My local pub The Fox, Tamworth survived 3 floods (two floods in space of 4 weeks) and there is hope for Cockermouth pubs.

    it is bit ironic for me as Cumbria is the only English county I never drank in..
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    Marked as closed with a comment suggesting it should reopen I guess.

    We were trying to work out whether anyone we knew on the forums would be affected and gratefully we think not, can't be good for anyone flooded though. It seems to be turning into an annual disaster at the moment in the UK.

    I guess it is a further sign of the decline of pubs really, in days gone by I would have thought they benefitted by disaster as a local gathering place.

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