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This weekend there is a festival at The Oddfellows, in Elland, (often known as the 'Drop'). It is easily accessible from Huddersfield on the 503 bus which stops around 200 yards away. I called across yesterday afternoon and must say it was worth the trip out.

If you do not know the pub it is hidden away in the back streets of Elland, away from the Town Centre, and is one of the chain of pubs bought a few years ago by Ossett. When I used to frequent it it was not unusual to be the only customer there and the range of beers coming from the stronger end of the spectrum. I did not quite know what to expect when I called yesterday but was pleasantly surprised. The main room was almost full of drinkers, and the festival had a good range of beers from near and far, all at a sensible drinking strength.

The festival itself was fairly unpretentious, no entry fee and no festival glasses, and all beer at £2.55 a pint. The festival showed 17 beers, all available at once on the main bar and a makeshift festival bar, but all were cellar cooled and handpulled, and the one's I sampled were in fine form.
Most of the beer was light and hoppy, I sampled Derventio 'Centaur', Elland 'Head Brewers Reserve', Fugelstou 'Hop Swop' and Goose Eye 'Parsonage Pale', but I left many other interesting beers untouched. There were dark beers too, Leyden 'Black Pudding' and RCH 'Old Slug Porter' to name but two.

So should you be at loose end over the weekend, maybe a couple of hours at 'The Drop' may fit the bill.

On the subject of Elland, today is the last day for Liz and Mark at the Barge & Barrel before they move on to pastures new, we wish them well.

Previously I have mentioned that Milan's in Halifax was an outlet for beers from the 'Landlord's Friend' brewery, not any more they aren't, I called up yesterday to discover the receivers had got there first and closed it down. Whether this affects the brewery as well, I am unsure at present.

Next weekend sees another Calderdale festival, with the 'Ship' in Brighouse having their beer festival. Having been previously it is worth visiting with plenty of interesting beer available, and is always worth the trip out. See you there.