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For the lover of light, hoppy beers one brewery has been doing the business for 15 years and, if the beers I tried last night are anything to judge them by, they continue to put out real classics.

Glentworth started their brewery in Skellow, on the outskirts of Doncaster, in an old dairy using a 5 barrel plant that came from the erstwhile brewery at Lastingham. They started in February 1996, which is a testament to their commitment and longevity in these troubled times.

As I said at the outset, their range is based on light beers, in fact, I am struggling to think of a dark beer of theirs that I have encountered. I first encountered them in the 'Rat & Ratchet' when it was owned by Mr Moorhouse, often there was 'Lightyear' on the bar but this was often backed up by one of their not inconsiderable range of one offs, (my beer shows over 200 different ones at least so they have always been prolific). The quality of their beer has always been good but in later years they have not made it into our area that often, but when they do, they do not stay around for long, again a testament to their quality and their skill in brewing what the drinker wants.

Most of their beers are light, and hoppy but never overhopped nor especially bitter. They seem to concentrate in the 3.9 to 4.3 % range of strengths and are very quaffable.
Their beer list does show some hop names so I assume they do brew single hopped beers but most have a pleasant blend of hops that do not overpower the tastebuds, but leave the drinker wanting another pint, and often another !

I cannot single out a regular outlet for them, where you can guarantee a Glentworth beer on the bar, it is more a case of taking them when you find them but I have come across them in recent times in The Head of Steam and The Star in Huddersfield and the Harlequin in Sheffield but they often make to other pubs too, just not regularly.

So if you come across their simple oval pumpclips, with easy to read script on a white background, think your self lucky and settle down for a pint or two from one of South Yorkshire's better breweries. And let me know so I can join you !!