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Today SIBA released a 'Proud of British Beer' video & whatever you may or may not think of it, it's message is one that is full of integrity & pride in our industry. It's about time we united & made it perfectly clear to the government we are not the problem in Britain, but the solution. We are incessantly hit with tax hikes & bad press in the media when we are in fact a bunch of socially responsible people with wholesome ideals, we are first & foremost a British manufacturing industry, we employ people, we contribute a huge amount of tax, our product is crafted with care & is consumed with dignity in the greatest social setting, the great British pub.

I am delighted with how SIBA have set their stall out to be a progressive breath of fresh air in our industry & credit must go to them & Pete Brown for this great piece of work. So the next time someone knocks our industry either through the media or through higher taxes don't sit back & take it, take issue & support British breweries & pubs & be proud of your national product before we are taxed out of existence!