Sorry about the home page delays.

This week I have been repairing some security bits in the guts of the Pub Website, whilst investigating some issues Hopwas was having I found some code that needed repairing. Also I have been fiddling with a mobile phone app. For those who want a technical breakdown of it, I have done one on my blog.

If you have an iPhone, or an Android based phone then you should download the application Layar, it is part of a new buzzword in applications called Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is where the camera is switched on and you see the output on the screen with additional information. Using the information we already have for the Google Maps I have created a layer to be shown through the Layar application.

To be honest it is a bit of a gimmick but a fun one. We are taking into account whether the pub has its map point corrected on our site, so it makes all those corrections that people have made doubly useful. I am planning to get Dave to set some time aside and correct all of Bristol.

To the publicans we have looking at this it is worth checking that the map point is accurate for their pub.

Anyway some screen shots.

Me using Augmented Reality to find the Bunch of Grapes (I am sure you can see how useful it really is ), the other points are pubs on the other side of the buildings

A map view showing local pubs from a nearby location:

The list of nearby pubs from the same location:

A quick PG tip
For those correcting map points, once I have clicked on the link to correct a map point I tend to click on the Satellite view, then zoom in a bit so that I can try and spot either the pub garden or the smokers table out front, and then just plonk the point in the middle of the pub.