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A recent flood of beer blogs regarding “cans, bottles, kegs or casks” has in my view failed to mention what is arguably one of the finest ways of delivering cooking lager direct into the human anatomy. As most cooking lager enthusiasts know, the world of beer is full of fine examples of beer innovation coupled with a preservation of tradition. The flavours offered the beer enthusiast are many and varied, but the pinnacle of beer is clear by looking at the most popular beers sold. The public are not wrong, they vote with their feet and wallet, and cooking lager sits atop the great pyramid of beer as the finest example of what beer should be. That is cold, fizzy and neckable.

Arguably one of the finest methods of necking cooking lager is the beer bong. A funnel to pour cooking lager straight down your neck at speed delivering cooking lager goodness straight into you without the tiresome bother of drinking and tasting it. Get your own Beer Bong here and begin that lifelong love and enthusiasm for getting drunk quickly on cold and delicious cooking lager. But I expect you are already in possession of a beer bong or even that you could make your own out of a bit of tube and a funnel.

It is sad so many beer enthusiasts overlook the obvious best beer delivery dispense method. I hope to rectify that with the Great Cooking Lager Beer Bong T shirt Competition that doesn’t even have to involve cooking lager. Blog about whatever grog you like, whether cooking lager, “real” pongy ale, or “craft” beer. Neck it from a beer bong, post your blog with picture evidence, post me a link and you might win a prize. (Extra points awarded to photo's showing a pretty girl pouring the beer down your neck) It is that easy. I might even give away more than one prize, but I might not. Whadya win?

Why, you win a T-Shirt that proclaims your love of the greats of beer blogging. Whether in smart restaurant, discotheque, craft ale pub, beer festival or public toilet you can stand out from the crowd in a T Shirt that declares you to be a discerning reader of the beer blogosphere and admirer of its greatest contributors. Is there a finer prize that has ever been offered? I doubt it but yes it could be yours.