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Thread: Weston and Bristol weekend

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    Default Weston and Bristol weekend

    Had a great weekend in a HOTEL in Weston with the Reliant Owners Club, and called in the Good Beer Guide Weston pubs yesterday, apart from the Raglan that didn't open at the advertised 4pm.

    Good beers at Off the Rails, and Criterion, plus we enjoyed the beers at the Spoons Dragon, and very impressed with the Red Admiral near Tesco on the way back from Off the Rails.

    Caught the bus into Bristol from Weston today and started with Knights Templar and what a job I had finding it. Apart from usual GK beers, the only guests available were Newmans Red Castle Cream and Slaters Premium. They were ok but the bar was packed and service bad. They do seem to be interested in their ale though as there was a blackboard with upcoming ales listed, at least a dozen of them.

    Second on the list was Seven Stars, a pub not to be missed on any crawl of Bristol. Two new beers for us here, and CAMRA discount too. Enjoyed Keystone Porter and Plain Ales Inntrigue.

    Next we found the Bridge, a new one for us in Bristol. Small and friendly and we had the ales offered as tasters before trying. Penzance Jolly Farmer and Saltaire Triple Chocoholic went down very well.

    Caught a bus to Highbury Vaults an amazing Youngs pub with guests. The rooms and bar area are all well decorated up and it is great to look around. The beer tried here in good condition were Plain Ales Inncognito and Bristol Beer Factory Exhibition.

    Running out of time we caught the bus down to go to the Three Tuns, a pub we had heard a lot about but never visited, and wow, what a good selection across the 7 handpulls. It is certainly a great pub on the Bristol circuit and a shame we had left it till last as we had to get the bus back to Weston for a 6.30pm booked evening meal. We managed 3 ales, Dorset Piddle Jimmy Riddle, Teignworthy Winter Daze and finished with an excellent Dark Star Tripel - no lightweight at 8.5%.

    Shame we had to miss some of our usual haunts in Bristol but we sure had a good day.

    Did get to the Raglan in Weston for a quick RCH Pitchfork before the band came on. There were more kids under 7 than drinking adults while we were there though.

    All the pubs got Pubs Galore cards.


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    You should have mentioned you were in our neck of the woods, we could have met you for a drink or two.

    Glad to hear you singing the praises of the Three Tuns, definitely one that deserves more mentions.

    And as ever thanks for the excellent advertising.

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    You're welcome Conrad. Advertising while having fun will never be a problem!

    Because we were with a group it was a little difficult to know beforehand what free time we would have, but we had such a good time in the few hours spent in Bristol we are looking to bring the caravan down to Baltic Wharf for a few days to have a proper wander round. Propbably towards the back end of the year as we get our diary filled up pretty quickly.

    Caravan northwards on Wednesday for Fleetwood beer fest and take in some local pubs in the area. Staying at Poulton for the first time.

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