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Thread: Grand Union Canal Pubs

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    Motspur Park or whichever pub I happen to be in at the time.

    Default Grand Union Canal Pubs

    Bucking Fastard may be the main man here but I'm about to embark on The GUC walk initially from Little Venice up to Fenny Stratford but I may get further. I'll be including the Slough, Wendover and Aylesbury arms too. It'll be done in short day stages between railway stations over a period of time but I need to know the must visit pubs along the way and also a trio or so at the end of each leg.

    It's looking like Little Venice-Alperton-Southall-Uxbridge-Rickmansworth-Kings Langley-Berkhamsted-Tring-Horton Lock (Cheddington)-Linslade(Leighton Buzzard)-Fenny Stratford (either Bow Brickhill or Bletchley).

    I know I can do the research and indeed have done some but a proper recommendation (or otherwise) is invaluable as I won't have time to do 'em all sadly.

    Edit.. the early stages don't promise too much so I'm not so concerned till after Southall.

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    Good luck on the walk, the Grand Union towpath was where I used to cycle as a lad, Hayes, Southall, Uxbridge to name a few, but it was many years ago, so I cannot say what are now good pubs worth a visit, in fact many may even be closed by now

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    Glad to be of assistance.The usual health warnings should accompany any recommendations below,my own bias is towards well kept real ale ,and pubs with a genuine drinking atmosphere.I often avoid very beautiful looking pubs,which may also do decent food,if the beer is substandard (Three Horseshoes at Winkwell,The Globe at Leighton Buzzard spring to mind )

    Little Venice to Alperton. Agree there's not much here.

    Alperton -Southall. The Black Horse,Greenford is worth a visit ,solid Fullers house.Dont know Southall at all.

    Southall- Uxbridge. If you are walking down the Slough arm ,The Bull in Iver is worth popping into.I've not been down to Slough in years , the canal is little used and in ropey condition.I do intend to push down there on my next trip,it's a case of use it or loose it.There are lots of pubs in Uxbridge,but I am struggling to flag up a gem.

    Uxbridge - Ricky. Not great and the many pubs in Ricky all seem about the same middling standard.

    Ricky - Kings Langley. I liked the Dog and Partridge,Hunton Bridge and The Saracens Head in KL is one not to miss.

    KL- Berko. A little Fuller's local in Apsley ,The White Lion is worth a stop,while The Rising Sun in Berko ticks all the boxes,especially good on the cider front if that's your bag.There are two other canalside pubs nearby ,none as good as The Riser.The Lamb in town is OK.

    Berko -Tring Station. Nothing outstanding.

    Tring -Cheddington. A must visit is The Red Lion,Marsworth The Aylesbury Arm is very charming and The Hop Pole in Aylesbury is the drinkers option.The wife likes the King's Head .

    Cheddington - Linslade The Grove Lock is foodie but worth popping in,I usually go in The White Horse in Linslade.

    The Bedford Arms may be worth a visit having changed hands.

    Linslade - Fenny Stratford The Red Lion is my favourite,the other pubs in Fenny are less inviting.

    I just hope I haven't missed any great ones,good luck with your walk.I will be navigating up this route in stages from mid March to late April ,I need to be in Tamworth on April 29th.So please keep an eye open for Ramesses II,a slightly shabby 40ft narrowboat for a lift to the nearest pub ! Send me a PM when you have firmed up your dates in case our trips coincide and you fancy a beer or two on the way.
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    Motspur Park or whichever pub I happen to be in at the time.


    Cheers for that BF, thought you would have this info.

    I intend to get going when the weather improves a bit and there is a reasonable amount of daylight so hopefully in a week or so. I'll certainly let you know and keep my eye out for the boat. My outings will be random and irregular though so it could be short notice. I started the Thames Path in May 2009 and still haven't finished it although mainly because the transport gets tricky and less reliable after Goring.

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