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If any place that serves a drink (one small place i know simply serves lager/bitter and Guinness in cans) can be reported on, then surely 'Pubs Galore' is a misleading site-name, should it not be beer galore (no offence to cocktail drinkers)?
Black mark for using the why is it called Pubs Galore argument. As I have said before fixating on this is not productive.

As to the removing listings that are not reviewed, whilst I personally have sympathies with the argument I am not happy to follow it. The photographers don't post on the forum and thus aren't represented, but they have put a lot of work into the site predating any of the posters on this thread in the last few days. Without their contributions the site probably wouldn't have been maintained and gone by the time you got here. If we are to forget how we got here should we remove all of your reviews when we find that we are getting a higher proportion of contribution from Facebook and you aren't valued by the new flavour?

Also I don't hold favour with deleting old photos, especially where the names have been changed, it is possible that we hold the only image of that frontage that is visible on the net, where do you start drawing that line, especially with all the fears about the speed with which pubs are closing.

Just in case anyone is not aware currently we do delete anything you request which has no content, and we delete anything with content where supported with a reasonable justification. I am happy to revise that where there is a concensus. Another thing to consider is that where we delete images they are gone for good.