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Thread: Black Country

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    Keep me posted on this one, FJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soup Dragon View Post
    Keep me posted on this one, FJ
    Unfortunately, London Midland's 'Great Escape' £10 offer only runs between tomorrow and 6 March 2011, so anybody thinking of visiting the Black Country a bit sooner?

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    Well, I'm definitely considering taking up London Midland on their Great Escape offer - it'd be 5th March if I do, as that would give the greatest amount of daylight.

    Considerations are (ticket availability apart): weather - don't really fancy traipsing around in the rain; cancellations - LM are having a bit of ASLEF-bother at the moment, although things seem fairly good for this coming week.

    As for places to go, I've been looking at Stourbridge & Kidderminster, with Rowley Regis & Droitwich (or, possibly, Worcester again) as stops en-route.

    I'm sure the Pubs Galore 'community' can point me in the right directions.

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