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This is not, you should note, a regular post on this blog. It merely records what I’ve been up to in the interim with my researches, and I plan to make more of these for further postcode areas. It’s for reference only, and makes for extremely dull reading.

The list below includes all pubs and bars in the SE15 postal district, ordered by street name. I have noted where the buildings have since been demolished, or their current use if they are still standing. Map links are to Streetmap. Links on pub names are to the excellent Dead Pubs historical website.

Additional information is always welcomed and the list below will no doubt be added to in future (as I learn more about the past).

Astbury Road
59. The Astbury Arms. Still standing, now residential. [Map]

Asylum Road
40-42. The Asylum Tavern. Still trading. [Map]
61. The Queen Elizabeth. Demolished. [Map]
195. The Bath Tavern. Demolished. [Map]

Bellenden Road (formerly Victoria Road)
111. The Prince Albert. Still trading. [Map]

Bird in Bush Road (or Bird-in-Bush Road)
1. The Glengall Tavern. Still trading. [Map]
102. The Bush Tavern (formerly The Sidmouth Arms). Still standing, now residential. Formerly listed as Commercial Road. [Map]
119. The Coopers’ Arms. Demolished. [Map]

Blenheim Grove
213. Bar Story. Still trading. [Map]

Carlton Grove (formerly Victoria Terrace)
59-61. The Clarkson Arms. Still standing, now residential. [Map]

Cator Street
93-95. The Windsor Castle. Demolished, now site of Kilmeston Way. [Map]

Choumert Road
43. The Montpelier (Tavern). Still trading. [Map]
79. The Victoria Inn (formerly The Wishing Well Tavern, and The Victoria Tavern). Still trading. [Map]

Clayton Road
1-5. The Clayton Arms. Still trading. [Map]

Commercial Way (formerly Commercial Road)
47. The Crown and Sceptre. Demolished. [Map]
101. The Queen. Demolished. [Map]
135. The Surrey View Tavern. Still standing, now a Cost Less supermarket. [Map]
155. The Albion. Demolished. [Map]
249. The Prince of Wales. Demolished. [Map]

Consort Road (formerly Albert Road)
75. The Gold Diggers’ Arms. Demolished. [Map]
119. The Frog (formerly The Shergar, and The Consort). Still standing, now a deli called The Frog on the Green. [Map]
208. The Galatea. Demolished. [Map]

Cronin Road (formerly Camden Grove North) [street no longer exists]
40. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]
65. The Lord Raglan. Demolished. [Map]
110. The Rose of Denmark. Demolished. [Map]
147-149. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]

Culmore Road
45. The Carlton Tavern. Still trading. [Map]

Denman Road
86. The Denman Arms. Still standing, now residential. [Map]

Evelina Road
16. The Golden Anchor. Still trading. Formerly listed as Edith Road (now Gautrey Road) and Lausanne Road. [Map]

Friary Road (formerly Lower Park Road)
77. The Duke of Sussex. Still trading. [Map]

Gatonby Street (formerly Camden Street) [street no longer exists]
4. The Camden Arms. Demolished. [Map]

Gibbon Road
49. The Alexandra (or The Alexandra Hotel). Demolished. [Map]
66. The Railway Tavern. Demolished. [Map]

Glengall Road (formerly Derwent Road)
41. The Glengall Arms. Still standing, now residential. [Map]
94. The Derwent Arms (or Tavern). Demolished. [Map]

Gloucester Grove (formerly Gloucester Road, formerly Grosvenor Place) [now Newent Close]
26. The Grove Tavern (formerly The Camberwell Grove Tavern). Demolished. Formerly listed as Peckham Grove. [Map]

Gordon Road
26. The Star of India. Demolished. [Map]
86. [Beer house.] Still standing, now residential. [Map]

Gowlett Road
62. The Gowlett (or The Gowlett Arms). Still trading. [Map]

Green Hundred Road
35. The Free Trader. Still standing, now residential. [Map]

Hollydale Road
115. The Hollydale Tavern. Still trading. [Map]

Hooks Road [street no longer exists]
40. The Duke of Cambridge. Demolished. [Map]

Hornby Road (formerly Blakes Road) [street no longer exists]
57. The Imperial. Demolished. [Map]

Ilderton Road (formerly Canterbury Road)
224. The Barnaby (formerly The Canterbury Tavern). Still standing, now closed. [Map]
322. The Little Wonder. Demolished. [Map]

Ivydale Road
202. The Waverley Arms. Still trading. [Map]

King Arthur Street [street no longer exists]
1. The Railway Tavern (or The Railway Inn). Demolished. [Map]

Lausanne Road
44. The Swiss Tavern. Still standing, now closed. [Map]

Linden Grove
43. The Belvedere Tavern. Demolished. [Map]
45. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]

Lugard Road
The Lugard Tavern. Demolished. [Map]

Lyndhurst Grove
43. The Cadeleigh Arms (formerly Doyle’s, and The Cadeleigh Tavern). Still trading. Also listed as 125 Shenley Road. [Map]
71. The Talfourd Arms. Still standing, now residential. [Map]

Lyndhurst Way (formerly Lyndhurst Road)
53. The Lord Lyndhurst. Still standing, now residential. [Map]

Marmont Road (formerly Marlborough Road)
74. The Marlborough Head. Still standing, now residential. [Map]

Meeting House Lane
38. The Havelock Arms. Demolished. [Map]
122. The Beehive. Still standing, now residential. [Map]
129. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]

Nunhead Green
15. The Old Nun’s Head (Tavern). Still trading. [Map]
24. The Man of Kent. Still trading. [Map]
39. The Pyrotechnist’s Arms. Still trading. [Map]

Nunhead Lane
25. The Tyrell Arms. Demolished. Formerly listed as Beaufort Terrace. [Map]
57. The Duke (formerly The Village Inn, Page 2, and The Edinburgh Castle). Still standing, now a restaurant called La Costa Smeralda. [Map]

Oglander Road
17. La Plancha (formerly The Oglander). Still standing, now closed. [Map]

Old Kent Road
602. The Britannia. Demolished. [Map]
610. Cockneys (formerly The Shard Arms). Demolished. [Map]
615. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]
623. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]
695a. The Manor House Tap. Demolished. [Map]
711. The Turk’s Head. Demolished. [Map]
720-722. The Kentish Drovers (formerly The Kentish Drovers and Halfway House). Still standing, now a restaurant called New Saigon. [Map]
731. Clear Spirit Vodka Bar and Lounge. Still standing, now closed. [Map]
762. The Suffolk Arms. Demolished. [Map]
799. The Rising Sun. Demolished. [Map]
827. The Elephant and Castle. Demolished. [Map]
871. The Gem Bar and Restaurant (formerly The Canterbury Arms). Still trading. [Map]
888. The Breffni Arms (formerly The Prince of Windsor, and The Prince of Saxe Coburg). Still trading. [Map]

Ormside Street
40-41. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]

Parkstone Road
59. The General Havelock. Demolished. [Map]

Peckham High Street (formerly High Street)
14. Cap Sud (formerly Mantis, Kellie’s, and The Adam and Eve). Still standing, now closed. [Map]
45. The King John (formerly The Britannia). Still standing, now a shop called Elliot’s. [Map]
71-79. The Kentish Drovers. Still trading. Formerly located on the opposite side of the road (at 74). [Map]
96. The Bun House. Still trading. [Map]
109. The Greyhound. Still trading. [Map]
116. The Red Bull. Still standing, now a shop. [Map]
119. Sally O’Brian’s (formerly The Crown). Still standing, now an employment agency. [Map]
182. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]
190-192. The Red Cow. Still trading. [Map]

Peckham Hill Street (formerly Hill Street)
58. The Globe. Still standing, now residential. [Map]
131. The Lord Hill. Demolished. [Map]

Peckham Park Road
59. The Swan. Still trading. [Map]
104. The Maismore Arms. Demolished. [Map]

Peckham Road
102. Pharoah’s (formerly The Walmer Castle). Still standing, partially demolished. [Map]

Peckham Rye
20-22. The White Horse (formerly The Old White Horse). Still trading. [Map]
29-31. The Rye Pub, Dining Room and Garden (formerly The Rye House, and The Rye Hotel). Still trading. [Map]
132. The King’s on the Rye (formerly The King’s Arms). Demolished. [Map]

Philip Road [now Philip Walk]
34. The Vivian Hotel. Demolished. [Map]

Queens Road
99. The Montpelier. Demolished. [Map]
139. The London and Brighton. Still standing, now closed. Formerly listed as 154 Asylum Road. [Map]
289. The Montague Arms. Still trading. [Map]

Rosemary Road [street no longer exists]
64. The Prince Albert. Demolished. [Map]

Ruby Street
14. Ange Mystique (formerly The Prince of Wales). Still trading. [Map]

Rye Lane
38. The Hanover Arms. Demolished. [Map]
58. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]
66. The Hope. Still standing, now a bookmakers. [Map]
151. The Reindeer. Still standing, now a shop. [Map]
185-187. The Odd Fellows’ Arms. Still standing, now a shop. [Map]
231-235. The Nag’s Head (formerly The Morning Star). Still trading. [Map]
249. The Heaton Arms. Demolished. Formerly listed as Heaton Place. [Map]

St Georges Way (formerly St Georges Road)
14. The George and Dragon. Demolished. [Map]
86. The Live and Let Live. Demolished. [Map]
124. The Prince of Wales. Demolished. [Map]
198. The Princess Alexandra. Demolished. [Map]
231. The George. Demolished. [Map]

Sandison Street
1. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]

Shard Road [street no longer exists]
39. The Duke of Edinburgh. Demolished. [Map]

Stuart Road
40. The Ivy House (formerly The Newlands Tavern). Still trading. [Map]

Sumner Road
47. Hector’s (formerly The Trafalgar). Demolished. [Map]
107. The Olde Apple Tree (formerly McCabe’s Tavern [?]). Still trading. [Map]
133. The Golden Lion. Demolished. [Map]
260. The Alliance. Still standing, now closed. [Map]
273. [Beer house.] Demolished. [Map]
275. The Eagle. Demolished. [Map]

Trafalgar Avenue (formerly Trafalgar Road)
86. The Victory. Demolished. [Map]
122. The Surrey Tavern (formerly The Surrey Canal Tavern). Demolished. [Map]
128. The Golden Eagle. Demolished. [Map]

Upcot Street [street no longer exists]
20. The Sanford Tavern. Demolished. [Map]

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