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Thread: Pub of the Month (January)

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    Default Pub of the Month (January)

    Old thread now archived, kind of ended up as a November/December effort due to my incompetence.

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    My pub of the month is going to be The Reliance in Leeds. Not a traditional pub by any means. I even spotted some candles OB. I'm surprised you didn't mention them in your review.

    Very friendly, efficient staff, well kept ale and very good food.

    I think we'll be back.
    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    With the boat out of the water undergoing some minor repairs,I have been marooned ashore and had a quiet month on the pub front,although there was a pick up in activity at the end of the month.I was impressed by how many good pubs Nicholsons have in the City of London,and further afield The Falcon was as magnificent as ever.

    However my Pub of the Month was The Half Moon,Hitchin.This is a fairly basic looking pub at the edge of the town centre ,a combination which can so often result in a sad downward spiral into eventual closure.However over the last few years the pub has been lovingly revived by ale enthusiasts and has won numerous local CAMRA awards.The average age of the customers may have risen in it's new incarnation ,but this is now a thriving community boozer ,with great value beers and home cooked pub snacks.Wonderful.

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    My Pub of the Month is the Odd One Out in Colchester. This was the highlight of a seven pub crawl of the town in mid January. It a lovely, cosy traditional pub with three rooms - each with their own individual characteristics - and a fine selection of local ales, all reasonably priced. I could have spent all day in there.

    For the record, my December pub of the month is the excellent Bermuda Triangle Freehouse in Parkstone, Poole.

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