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It’s still Badger Week on this blog and its staying badger week for a bit to come. Until I've necked the lot. Christmas is over and done with. Skint till pay day at the end of January. Dark when I get up, dark when I go home. The only things to look forward to are sex, the weekend and darts on the telly. I’m not going to say what I enjoy the most but when you’re watching the darts you can sink a beer. And sink ‘em I do.

Badger Golden Glory 4.5% with a golden amber brown colour, a peachy fruity floral aroma with more of the peach in the balanced sweetness. Cracking it open reveals a fizzy effervescence and on the taste a light thin malt sweetness with an aftertaste of said peach and those floral kind of sweets. Parma Violets. Dryness kicks in as a last resort. Like a bottle of scented Haribo and very much enjoyed.
The darts runs from 7-8 and it’s about the 8 o clock mark the discussions begin. “You’re not pressing the red button” “ But the game isn’t finished, it’ll be over in half an hour” “No it won’t, if there is a comeback there’ll be at it all evening” “So what if they do, it’s great” To prevent an argument a bit charm goes a long way. If you can induce the love of your life to wrestle you for the remote control, an evening even better than watching the darts might beckon, but if it’s a nail biting game you’ve got so say the darts comes close.

Badger World Champion 4%, First Gold English Hop with a ruby brown colour, floral hop & roasted malt smell with a taste of malt, orange zest & spicy hop is all things considered a nice drop of beer. A fresh aroma, balanced sweetness & bitterness with a dry aftertaste. A lovely pint of bitter. The single hop offers a clarity but slightly lacking in depth. A simple but decent beer. Not a lot going on, but is there is top stuff.
Two cracking beers, cracking darts on the telly. No sex but heh, there’s always the weekend.