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So the Gummint is hastening along the introduction of the two thirds of a pint measure. Some will welcome this, but for me it is somewhat of a gimmick disguised as broadening choice. It's a non event; a distraction, though I if I try very, very hard, I can see the odd time when it might be attractive. Maybe when your last bus is in 10 minutes? Not enough times to make it worthwhile anyhow and there is potentially a more sinister down side. You can see in your minds eye places where this will be welcomed for less than wholesome reasons. Think night clubs, outside events such as football matches, racecourses, concerts etc. and of course, the new wave of specialist bar where I can easily foresee that the pint will be supplanted by a two thirds measure at the same price. So to me, at best it is a tinkering irrelevance and at worst a Trojan Horse whereby the unscrupulous may deceive, or use it as an excuse to charge more for less.

Of course the ordinary pub is likely to be unaffected some will say. They haven't the space, time, inclination or demand for it. It will remain like the third of a pint, a legal curiosity which is rarely observed or used. It's harmless. Maybe. But to those that think this is a brilliant innovation, I'd just warn of the law of unintended consequences and that other law. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I see BrewDog claim the credit for this and say also "If we weren’t so busy brewing, we would probably be able to solve most of the world’s problems." They probably believe both things to be true!