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I wrote about the two-thirds glass a while ago. I think it’s a great idea as it adds a further choice to the bar. Looking at comments here and here, some people seem to be saying that this is a terrible decision and will bring the death of the pint glass and the pub and then, presumably, our fine nation, which is just ridiculous. It’s about adding a further choice for the consumer, which is a great thing.

Why do people think this is a bad thing? Some suggest (from where, I don’t know) that it will mean prices are pumped up, but consumers won’t stand for that, will they? You won’t suddenly expect to pay £3 for a two-third and then £3.50 a pint when a pint previously cost £3… And I’m guessing that, like the one-third, it won’t be a compulsory measure and therefore only a few places will use it, but I do think that in time it will become a popular measure, perhaps even more so than the half pint, if it’s widely adopted by pubs.

The pint is not dead. It’s an institution as royal as the brand by its lip. Most people will still order most beers by the pint. The two-third glass is just an addition to what the consumer can choose from, which is a good thing, whether they want it for stronger beers, because they don’t want to drink a pint, because they want a fancy-shaped new two-third glass or whatever other reason. My only problem is the name ‘schooner’. Can’t we get something better than that?!

The two-thirds glass is coming to the pub. Is this a good thing?