Hi all,

Some of you may remember me bringing up the topic of beermats a few months ago. As I said then I still pick a few up. Since that discussion I have found myself picking up more and more. My daughter has now expressed an interest in them and I am now collecting on her behalf ( and mine to be honest !! ). Trouble is I tend to go to the same pubs and therefore get the same mats.

A search in the spare room at my mothers turned up a box full from my youth ( along with various other pub related items - I'll get onto them at a later date ).

Anyway my request is if anybody feels inclined to pick a few up here and there she ( and I ) would appreciate it.

Assuming anybody is willing I would happily pay postage. Probably best to get a few together and send me them in one go.

I reckon between all my fellow PuGers we can cover the whole of Britain !!

Please feel free to ignore this post if I am being a bit cheeky.